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Welcome to my INSPIRATIONS page
this is my inspiration and a picture of me

I found that the most difficult parts of my life,When in that time you think it cant get any worse, when circumstances become so strong. I should have become weaker .JESUS took hold of my life and I became a stonger person. As a child I was brought up in a christian home who had a strong faith in god yet seem to have there feet on the ground as a teeenager I drifted from the Lord,when I look back I realise how easy my childhood was and my life now seemed a mess failed relationships.My home life had become a battle field in these times I became stronger.It almost seemed as I became older I was having to trust the lord for myself and having to let go of some of my circumstances,One night as I lay on my bed never having put pen to paper I began to Write .as I wrote my first poem I began to cry for god had showen me how to use a terrible situation to be able to help others.He loved me he cared and i was his.Thank you to all those who in time past and present have helped me make this possible. And my greatest thanks to the holy spirit who has been left as my helper to lead and guide me.I hav expressed the love of god though these poems and I know they will be a blessing.

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