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Welcome to Your Poetry
this is the start of the your peotry section , these poems have been sent to me by other christian visitors.
I hope you enjoy this section , if you would like to put your poem here please send me an email with your poetry attached and I will add it

We cannot see Him but we know that God is real.
Like the unseen wind His presence we can feel!
We who believe live by faith and by His grace,
And just take Him at His Word and seek His face.

How sad to know that there are those who don't believe,
In such a One as our dear Lord who Eternal Life will give.
To all who will believe and call upon His name!
Yes call on God in Jesus name His blood will make you clean.

Blood must be shed to cleanse us from each and every sin.
The blood of Jesus Christ our Lord is sufficient to the end.
His ever-flowing cleansing blood can make the vilest clean.
So wait no longer now that you know you can be cleansed indeed!
by Albert pelley : email:awp@jubeis-place.net
In a twinkling of an eye

Open my ears, "Break the Seal"
hear His voice, "The Thunder peals"
Open my eyes, "Break the Seal"
Heaven opened, Light revealed
Open my mind, "Break the Seal"
Lord my God! You are my shield
Open my Heart, "Break the Seal"
Despise not what's concealed
Open my Soul, "Break the Seal"
Hidden manna, Heaven's meal
Open my Spirit, "Break the Seal"
Remove the stone, Truth revealed
Open the veil, "Break the Seal"
Christ was broken I am healed.

revelation in my heart
this poem was sent by FacesinHim@aol.com

My Name is Legion
"for we are many"

Legion so Lonely
Sad and depressed
Why find ye here
Insane and undressed?
See ye these stones
These are not bread
Why cut thyself among
Those who are dead?
What were you given?
What were you told?
That drove you alone
Away from the fold
Legion so tormented
What do you fear?
What kind of message
Came to your ears?
The False circumcision
Gave ye these stones
To cut thyself down
When ye were alone
Living in torment
Chained to the Letter
You broke your bonds
You cast off your fetters
The mercy of God
Appeared unto thee
In fear you cried out
"do not torture me!"
Now you are washed
In your right mind
He commanded your thoughts
To go into the swine
Into the bank they
Rushed to their end
You found your release
Knowing Christ as your friend.

sent by FacesinHim@aol.com


There's another way of living, which is not by constant sinning.
It will bring you out brimming, because it is a "New beginning!"
This new beginning is a "Born again" experience!
You maybe young, or old as Methuselah.

Age doesn't matter, just contact God the Father'
He through Jesus knows exactly what to do.
If you haven't got the "Spirit" you're a candidate!
You must have the Spirit as proof your Born again.

This is not a "New religion" its a "Personal relationship"
With God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son.
So come to God the Saviour and ask His forgiveness,
For all the wrong you've done from birth right up till now.

He not only forgives sins he also will forget them.
Once you confess to Him there gone forever more!
Isn't it wonderful we can have a New beginning!
Any-age/anytime Yes, He waiting now for "You!"

Albert W. Pelley
Edmonton Alberta


Lord be with me in my darkest hour,
for in these times you will release your power.

Let me hear your voice so still and small
open the window to my soul,break down my wall.

you are my comfort,you are my peace.
it is in you only all my trust I cam release.

If death be upon me, for that is my worst fear.
gather me in your arms of comfort,let me know that
you are oh so near.

you are my beloved,my confidant,my friend.
knowing you will never forsake me will be my power in the end.

Robbin johnson EMAIL:cjandrj@email.msn.com

No name given

Fire, Fire licking at my heels
Fire, Fire burning at my back
Oh the pain I feel
As my stomach reels
What did I do
What do I lack
There must be someone who can save me!!!
Who? You?
No, there must be someone higher
Someone who is not a liar
Someone who can help me escape from the FIRE!!!

from Ken and vicky bender
e-mail Kartoon@ccnmail.com